Exhibition: Living on Land and Water

Palazzo Corner Mocenigo (Salizada S. Polo, 2128/A, 30125 Venezia)

Laghetto di Frassino © Direzione regionale Musei Veneto – Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Verona

The year 2021 marks the anniversary of the founding of Venice, a city built on water, and at the same time the first ten years of the UNESCO site celebrating the "Prehistoric Pile-Dwelling Sites of the Alpine Arc." The exhibition, set up at Palazzo Corner Mocenigo, compares the history and culture of Venice, which was built on wooden foundations of piles driven into the soft, silty soil, and the pile-dwelling settlements buried in the peat deposits of ancient lakes or river courses. The temporary exhibition exposes the main aspects of the great theme of building and living in wetlands, proposing a path that illustrates, thanks to scientific data from the latest research and direct observation of the exhibits, the main aspects of a fundamental moment of our history: the world of piles.

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