The Pile Dwellers in Maur: a softer Step

Museum Maur (Museum Maur, Burgstrasse 8, 8124 Maur)

The Pile Dwellers in Maur: a softer Step

The many prehistoric woven bast Sandals of Maur-Schifflände are a sensation. Until their discovery, only fragments of Neolithic shoes were known, but in Maur, several are nearly completely preserved. That is the reason for the focus on everything “Footwear”: by reconstructing them, we learned many new details about the weaving technique that was used to produce these shoes. Depicted here is the excavation at the Greifensee where the shoes were recovered, and their restauration. But it remains an ongoing investigation, how in fact the Pile Dwellers actually dressed.

The event will take place from 28.03.2021 - 31.10.2021 every Sunday from 2-5 pm

Organisation: Kantonsarchäologie Zürich / Verein Zukunft UNESCO Welterbe Pfahlbauten Pfäffikersee-Greifensee